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Project Description
Wolf Tech allows you to focus on the game, the artwork, the features, while it makes all of it happen.

Wolf Tech is in VERY early stages of development, but you're welcome to give it a try!

Working features:

  • Loading MD3 models
  • Attaching MD3 models together
  • Drawing untextured models
  • Texture Mapping (A little messed up, BUT IT WORKS.)
    • Loading BMP textures (Using Michael Sweet's old BITMAP.H and BITMAP.C files. Thanks Michael Sweet!)
    • Loading TGA textures (Using my own loader, mixed with bits of Michael Sweet's BMP code, WOOHOO!)
  • Basic asynchronous client-server networking with however many clients you want! Implemented using Winsock2.


  • Bump mapping
    • Normal mapping
    • Parallax mapping
  • Multitexturing
  • Loading PNG textures
  • New model file format MD3E

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